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Turn your tap water

into perfect drinking water

Your advantages with the HYPRO WATER

Healthy & Safe

  • Filters microplastics, heavy metals, chlorine, hormones, drug residues, pesticides, etc.
  • Proven to remove 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria
  • Simultaneously preserves vital minerals and trace elements


  • A liter from the HYPRO WATER is 260 times cheaper than a liter of average bottled water


  • Less CO2. Less plastic. Avoid plastic bottles

Refreshing Taste

  • Proven to improve the taste and smell of your tap water


Because your tap water is not as safe as you think!

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Obsolete house connecting pipes

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Inadequate legal provisions

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Pollutants from agriculture and industry

Because there is no hidden risk!

Easy installation
lifelong function


with the HYPRO WATER App

Push notifications about the status of the disinfection and the activated carbon filter
Automatic filter change reminder
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Direct access to the online shop
Shows water consumption, flow rate and filtered amount

The combination of activated carbon filtration and UVC LED disinfection provides you with the safest water

Activated Carbon Filtration

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A special property of activated carbon is that it has high adsorption properties. This allows pollutants such as pesticides, medicines, hormones, heavy metals and organic compounds to be filtered out of the water. Thanks to this ability, activated carbon filtration is widely used as an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and highly effective method of treating drinking water.

How activated carbon filtration works:

The principle of the activated carbon treatment of water is based on the adsorption of pollutants on the surface of the activated carbon. For example, since the inner surface of 4g of activated carbon corresponds to the area of ​​a soccer field, many pollutants can be adsorbed on the activated carbon. In addition to the adsorption of pollutants, our sintered activated carbon block filter can also filter particles, such as microplastics, from the water by means of mechanical filtration. Furthermore, our filter has catalytic and reductive properties, whereby harmful substances such as ozone, chlorine and chloramines are broken down into harmless substances.

UVC-LED Disinfection

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The treatment of water using sustainable UVC disinfection is a globally recognized and very effective process. It is the superior technology to all chemical processes, especially in comparison to the use of chlorine in the water.

The basis of the disinfection is based on purely physical processes, which allow a sustainable treatment of your water without the use of chemicals and the risk of formation of toxic by-products.

The core of the process is based on the inactivation of the DNA/RNA of bacteria, viruses and parasites by UVC radiation and happens in a matter of seconds.

The HYPRO WATER makes maximum use of the UVC LED radiation thanks to the Dynamic Twist Technology patented worldwide by HYTECON. As a result, the UV light has an optimized flow effect in the water.

The result is a superior disinfection effect that has already been internationally patented and certified by the most important institutes worldwide.

Technical Details

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• Output 3 liters per minute

• No waste water compared to reverse osmosis

• Highest industry standard (>400J/m²)

• Internationally certified and patented

• Filter service life 4 months or 2,000 liters

• Low energy consumption

• Regular self-disinfection

• Latest UVC LED technology / no mercury

• Integrated Aquastop System

Flexible Placement

The HYPRO WATER is a small water purifier for your home.

With a size of 25x16x24 cm, it finds space in every kitchen.

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HYPRO WATER on worktop

The HYPRO WATER can be placed on the worktop thanks to its compact size.

Please note that you will need a small hole for hoses and the power cable.

HYPRO WATER on worktop

The HYPRO WATER is placed under the worktop by most of our customers.

With a size comparable to a toaster, it also fits neatly in drawers just under the sink.

The HYPRO WATER is better than any REVERSE OSMOSIS

Because it combines activated carbon filtration with UVC LED disinfection

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Multiple filtration stages

Production of waste water for which a separate line is required

Eliminates important minerals and trace elements

Possible damages in the filter membrane can lead to contamination

Most devices have insufficient monitoring of the filters - so you get no information if the water in the system itself is contaminated

Demineralized water tastes bland and has a negative effect on the taste of tea and coffee

Osmosis water attacks pipes, valves and fittings

Installation and regular maintenance usually have to be done by a professional

Typical water flow: 1 liter per minute

Mostly large systems which need a lot of space


Combination of high-tech filtration and UVC LED disinfection

Production of waste water for which a separate line is required

Keeps important minerals and trace elements

UV disinfection is placed behind the filter, so that no germs can get into the drinking water

Permanent monitoring of the filter and the UV unit with the free HYPRO WATER app, push notification in the event of possible error reports

Water from the HYPRO tastes fresh and pure and is perfect for sparkling or using it for tea and coffee

Your household appliances and pipes remain intact

You can do the installation yourself. The maintenance effort is limited to changing the filter, which is due about 3 times a year

Typical water flow: 3 liters per minute

Compact, smart design that fits on or under the worktop

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