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Drinking water quality

German tap water is considered one of the best-controlled foods in the world.

The German Drinking Water Ordinance was last updated in 1998. Unfortunately, due to growing environmental pollution and increasing industrialization as well as climate change, more and more new pollutants and viruses are getting into our tap water, for which it is not currently tested.

So Germany tap water is not as safe as we think!

With the HYPRO WATER, we can already guarantee that dangerous pollutants and viruses are removed from the tap water.

Perfect drinking water: Unbeatably safe and sustainable.


Water from the HYPRO WATER has a 300x smaller ecological and CO² footprint than conventional bottled water. You can also find this at WHO read.

Unlike other water filters, the HYPRO WATER disinfects your drinking water completely chemical-free and without producing waste water/dirty water.

The production takes place in Germany and uses the highest quality materials. The activated carbon used in the filter is sustainably obtained from coconut shells, for example. 

We offer our customers the option of sending the used filters back to us. We take care of the professional return to the raw material cycle. You can find more information about our filter recycling concept here.

We attach great importance to environmental awareness in our company. 

The municipal waterworks' obligation to check compliance with the prescribed maximum values ​​ends at the property boundary. From there, the landlord or owner has a duty to guarantee clean tap water. If the water in the pipes of the building gets warm or stands for a longer period of time, pathogens and germs can quickly form that can cause serious illnesses, such as legionella in the respiratory tract or E. coli bacteria in the digestive organs. Heavy metals such as lead, copper or nickel are often found in the water in older properties. The causes of possible damage to health are usually not suspected in one's own tap water, so that a continuous intake of the substances or bacteria becomes a long-term problem.

Sometimes there are even warnings or boil orders from the water supplier if there is a malfunction in a pipe network. The German Federal Environment Agency writes that you should always let your drinking water run until you feel it getting colder before you drink it. With the HYPRO WATER you don't need to waste water. you are always safe


Does the HYPRO WATER remove the following (harmful) substances?

The HYPRO WATER does not remove limescale from the water, so it does not change the degree of hardness of the water.
The HYPRO WATER is a purely hygienic water treatment device. It ensures that there are no longer any harmful substances in your drinking water.

Since lime is not a substance that endangers your health and is a purely cosmetic problem, the HYPRO WATER does not filter lime from the water.

Yes, the HYPRO WATER has been proven to remove microplastics from your drinking water. We have had this independently certified by the leading institutes worldwide. 

Yes, the HYPRO WATER has been proven to remove microplastics from your drinking water. We have had this independently certified by the leading institutes worldwide.

Yes, the HYPRO WATER has been proven to remove hormones and medication from your drinking water. We have had this independently certified by the leading institutes worldwide.

Yes, with the special disinfection by UVC LEDs, the device can render all viruses, including COVID-19, harmless to the human body. 

Yes, the activated carbon filter filters medication and hormones, among other things, out of the water. 

The HYPRO WATER inactivates all viruses, bacteria, parasites and chlorine-resistant organisms such as Cryprosporidia and Gardia. Here you can find out more about the pollutants that the HYPRO WATER inactivates.

Here you can read in detail how the inactivation works.

The HYPRO WATER contains important minerals and trace elements such as calcium and magnesium. These are not removed from the water and thus contribute to your health.

If you have any questions about other harmful substances, please contact our customer service.


You don't have to remember an appointment, the HYPRO WATER will draw your attention to the filter change in good time. It has a built-in sensor that continuously measures the amount of water treated. Furthermore, the HYPRO automatically recognizes a filter and knows whether it is new or used.

Shortly before the flow of 2,000 liters of water or 120 days of use is reached, you will receive information via the app and a lamp on the device will flash red.

The HYPRO WATER does not change the pH value of the water.

Since the HYPRO WATER is not an osmosis system, it does not change the original micro-siemens value of your tap water.
The microsiemens value says something about the electrical conductivity of the water, or about the particles in the water that are charged.
Or to put it another way, the number of substances dissolved in the water that is charged, e.g. metals, minerals, or salts. 
However, the value does not provide any information about what other pollutants (drug residues, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.) are in the water.
Therefore, it is not meant to determine the quality of the water.

It is better to rely on independent institutes and ask whether the devices themselves are certified.

Here you see the certificates, that HYPRO WATER has.

The HYPRO WATER cannot produce sparkling water.

During development, we wanted to cover the widest possible range of applications. With our water, you can perfectly prepare baby food, wash fruit and vegetables or use it for cooking.

We see every conventional sparkling water maker as the perfect complement to our HYPRO WATER. We also use this combination in our company and thus offer optimal flexibility for all employees.

Here is our HYTECON SodaMaker.

From a disinfection performance of 400 J/m², it is ensured that pathogenic microorganisms relevant to water hygiene, such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa, are irreversibly inactivated to 99.99% (4-log reduction).

All industrial water treatment plants (for municipalities and cities) worldwide must achieve this value. In the private sector, the HYPRO WATER is the only product that guarantees you this standard in your home.

The HYPRO WATER is designed and approved for use with municipally treated drinking water. In this context, we have had the removal of aluminium, manganese, copper, germs and other pollutants certified, so that your water improves significantly in quality through treatment with the HYPRO WATER.

The water from a well system would have to be freed from eg sand and suspended matter by at least one particle filter, otherwise our activated carbon filter would be overloaded with particles too quickly. We assume that the HYPRO treats drinking water in this combination, but since we have not had this case externally certified, installation and use would be at your own risk.

UV disinfection is a recognized, environmentally friendly and chemical-free disinfection process for drinking water that is used worldwide in drinking water works. UV-C light with a wavelength of approx. 260-280 nm destroys the genetic information of viruses and bacteria so that they can no longer make you ill. 

Yes, you can use water from the HYPRO WATER to prepare baby food. Contamination of the water is prevented by the built-in, highly effective UVC disinfection, which is why boiling the water and letting it run for a long time is no longer necessary. In addition, pollutants such as heavy metals from outdated plumbing are removed from the water, whereas boiling does not remove these substances.

This makes the HYPRO WATER ideal for preparing baby and toddler food.

You save a lot of time and protect the health of your family.


Unfortunately, testing the product is not possible because it is a hygiene item. If any pollutants get into the device through your lines, it would be very expensive to clean the device, we would then no longer be allowed to sell it or make it available to other customers for testing.
Testing the result of the system would also not be authentic, since the quality of the tap water varies depending on the location.
However, in order to be able to guarantee perfect performance of the HYPRO WATER and to be able to support the trust of our customers, we have had the product tested and certified under the most difficult conditions by independent institutes such as TÜV and NSF. You can therefore be sure that the taste of your water will improve significantly and that all pollutants will be eliminated from the water.
If you are still dissatisfied, you naturally have a 14-day right of withdrawal, which you can exercise. So far, however, we haven't had a single customer return their device.

Yes, the device can be connected to a refrigerator with a water/ice dispenser at any time. As a rule, we only supply the connection parts for mounting on a cold water pipe for a water tap. When connecting to a refrigerator, it may happen in exceptional cases that you need some connecting parts more than once or the hoses are too short.
In this case you are welcome to send us an e-mail and we will have the corresponding parts delivered to you.

Competition/comparable technologies

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration process in which water components are separated from the water. This includes pollutants, pathogens, but also minerals and trace elements such as calcium and magnesium. Even if pathogens can be filtered out of the water by reverse osmosis, such a system is still not safe. Pathogens can grow again in the activated carbon, and a rupture of the membrane filter can also have serious consequences and cannot be seen from the outside. This process is also not particularly sustainable, since reverse osmosis produces a lot of waste water.

Our device combines filtration through activated carbon with UVC LED disinfection. UV disinfection is a recognized, environmentally friendly and chemical-free disinfection process for drinking water that is used worldwide in drinking water plants. The HYPRO WATER removes pollutants, but keeps important minerals and trace elements such as magnesium and calcium in the water - and all this without generating waste water. It is therefore the much safer and more environmentally friendly method.

You can find more information on this topic here.

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installation and use

Yes, anyone can easily connect the device themselves at home and also disassemble it again. You can reconnect the device and its accessories to a different location at any time. Tip: some customers even take the HYPRO WATER with them on vacation.

The filter should be replaced after 4 months, i.e. approx. 3x/year or after 2,000 liters of flow. Your app reliably shows you the filter status at all times. In addition, the LED on the device lights up red when the filter needs to be changed.

Basically, the filter should be changed after 120 days or 2,000 liters. Depending on which value is reached first. With a capacity of 2000 liters it is guaranteed that all pollutants are safely removed.
The 2,000 liters are the result of external certification. If the filter runs for a longer period of time, it may be that the filter starts to become contaminated. That is why the 4 months (120 days) are a guaranteed guarantee that the filter will not become contaminated with germs during these 4 months. Then the filter should be changed, otherwise we can no longer guarantee the certified filter performance.

Please contact our customer service. We will send you a tool that will make it easier to open the lid.

First of all, you don't have to worry. The device continues to filter and disinfect. There is probably a loose contact in the activated carbon filter's RFID chip. But the device works perfectly.

You are welcome to try to insert the filter again and not press the filter down. When the filter chamber is closed, the filter is automatically placed in the correct position.

If it still doesn't work, please contact customer service.

Yes, the device can of course also be used without WiFi. The LEDs on the front of the device show the current status.

However, we recommend connecting the device to the WLAN and downloading the free HYPRO WATER app. Using the app allows you to check the filter status and water flow at any time. In addition, it makes it easier for our service team to find the error in question even faster and to help you in the event of a problem.

No, the UVC LEDs are of the highest standards and have a lifespan of 10,000 hours. With normal household use, they will disinfect your water perfectly for the next 83 years.

In principle, the HYPRO WATER can be connected to any conventional water tap on the cold water pipe. We supply you with the accessories for all common connection variants (2-way tap, 3-way tap, additional tap). In your kitchen, the HYPRO WATER could be  on  or  under  the worktop.


The HYPRO WATER can of course be connected to your existing 2-way tap. However, we recommend installing it in combination with a 3-way tap.

Of the 3-way valve from HYTECON represents an optimal addition to the HYPRO WATER, because it has a separate outlet for water filtered and disinfected by the HYPRO WATER.

Here you can find them Operation manual. Our installation videos for the are also helpful 3-way tap and the 2-way tap.

Yes, anyone can easily connect the device themselves at home. To do this, simply follow the steps in the operation manual follow or the installation video for the 3-way tap or the 2-way tap watch.

If you have problems with the assembly, our service team will be happy to help you over the phone.

Yes, you can install our HYPRO WATER in combination with a Quooker®.here you will find the exact installation instructions.

Since activated charcoal is a natural product, small particles of charcoal can wear off when it comes into contact with water for the first time. Therefore, let the water run (approx. 180 seconds) until there are no longer any black carbon particles in the water. Accidental consumption of the particles is absolutely harmless, because your health will not be affected.

The HYPRO WATER can easily be used with a boiler and a low-pressure fitting (your existing 2-way tap). The combination of HYPRO WATER, 3-way tap and boiler is unfortunately not possible because our 3-way tap is a high-pressure fitting.

If the water flow decreases over time, this indicates that the use of a filter is particularly useful in your case. Your water seems to be heavily contaminated with particles such as iron or sand. The activated charcoal filter is then blocked (clogged) more quickly, so that the flow rate drops. In order to restore the original water flow, we recommend changing the filter before the end of the 120 days / 2,000 liters.


You can download the HYPRO APP from the App Store (iOS or Android) for free. You can find the download link here:



Once you have registered in the app, you should receive an email with a confirmation link. Please also check whether the email has landed in your spam folder. If this is the case, please move the email to your inbox and then confirm the link. Your registration is now confirmed and you can connect your HYPRO WATER to the app. 

If you do not receive an email with a confirmation link, please contact customer service via email info@bundv-solutions.com or by phone at +65-69500898

Your HYPRO WATER can be connected to the WLAN without any problems (yellow lamp lights up continuously), but then the connection between the app and HYPRO WATER fails? This can have several causes, so please try the following measures:

If you use a WiFi amplifier/repeater at home, please switch it off temporarily to install the HYPRO WATER app. Uninstall the HYPRO WATER app on your smartphone and download it again from the App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the instructions in the app's installation guide carefully. Please make sure that you do not click on "next" too early.

If you are still having trouble connecting the app to HYPRO WATER, please leave as follows in front.

We accept credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), Klarna, PayPal and many more.

As soon as you have placed your order, you go straight to the next step! Orders are currently processed and shipped within 2-4 business days.

Yes, you can use the device on multiple smartphones at the same time. All you have to do is use the same log-in data on all smartphones.

Yes, the device can of course also be used without the app. The lamps on the front of the device show the current status, so that you are also informed when a filter change is necessary.

However, we recommend connecting the device to WiFi and downloading the free HYPRO WATER app. Using the app allows you to call up the filter status and water flow at any time and to be reminded of the filter change via push notification. In addition, it makes it easier for our service team to find the error in question even faster and to help you in the event of a problem.

Yes, the app can be used on several mobile devices at the same time. Simply reuse the log-in data.

No, you can download the HYPRO APP from the App Store (iOS or Android) for free. You can find the download link here:



Patents and Certificates

The HYPRO WATER is protected by the following patents, among others:










There is no mandatory standard for registration in the household sector for UVC LED water treatment devices. We have set ourselves the goal of developing the best water treatment device in the world. The standards presented and passed by us have all been carried out voluntarily by us.

here you will find our certificates.

Guarantee and warranty

All HYPRO WATER has a warranty of at least two years, valid from the date of purchase. Warranty Limitations: The warranty is subject to the condition that the HYPRO WATER, as specified in the operation manual described, is correctly connected and used.

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