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HYPRO + 3-Way Tap + SodaMaker


You save: $308.90 (8.11%)

Turn your tap water into real premium water. Still, medium or sparkling!


  • Activated carbon filter: Removes microplastics, heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, medicines, hormones and much more.
  • UVC LEDs: Proven to remove 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria

3-way faucet

For hygienic separation between filtered and unfiltered water
We recommend installing the HYPRO WATER with our 3-way tap.
The 3-way tap from HYTECON is an ideal addition to the HYPRO WATER because it has a separate outlet for filtered water and disinfected water.


For everyone who prefers to drink sparkling water

With the HYTECON SodaMaker, you can now add carbon dioxide to your tap water that has been filtered and disinfected by the HYPRO.
For refreshingly sparkling water that is safe and free of harmful substances!
Included A PET bottle is already included in the SodaMaker.




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